Gordon MacRae

Ghostwriting for coding bootcamps


Who are you?

Hi there. My name's Gordon and for the past 10 years I've worked in the bootcamp industry.I've worked with companies like General Assembly, Google, Multiverse, Ironhack, Meta and others to launch and scale bootcamp courses.I now write a newsletter about the industry and work with 1-2 founders at a time to ghostwrite content.

If any of these are problems for you, then I can help.

  • You want to build a personal brand and establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry

  • You want to write more but you simply don't have the time. Your day is a series of back-to-back meetings and responding to crises, you don’t have the time to sit, think and write

  • You want to use your unique perspective to differentiate your company in a crowded space

  • When you do find time to write, you struggle to write in your tone and voice, often come across as robotic, corporate or not how you’d like to sound.


How it works

I provide a lightweight service designed to fit around your schedule.

  • A 1-hour interview (preferably in-person, but can be a phone call) to get your thoughts/perspectives,

  • I go away and write the piece

  • You review and provide feedback

  • I polish and submit to you to use

All pieces are 100% your own and written in your words and tone of voice.


That's great, but what does it cost?

Pricing is simple, I run a monthly retainer model (min. 3-month commitment).Book a free call to chat more.

  • £1,500 (+ VAT) / $1,500 per month

  • x2, 750-word blog posts

  • x2, LinkedIn summary posts

  • Unlimited asynchronous support via email to answer questions, review documents and provide feedback



Here are some nice things people have said about working with me.

"Gordon's weekly episodes remind me of the internet's distant Golden Age, maybe 5 years ago. A charmed, unspoiled place where intellect, wit, heart, artistry, and practical news-you-can-use come together."

"The only useful, no-nonsense-but also-lots-of-nonsense email I read top-to-bottom every week. For work and just, life."

"My Inbox is full of well-intended, but still dressed up marketing/corporate-speak. Sigh. Not this newsletter though! It has a pulse! You hear in the writing that there's a real, live person behind it who has $0.02 to share and will. It's the only one I READ. Not skim, but read."

About Me

Gordon MacRae

I used to work as the Head of Learning Products for Multiverse. I managed a team of product managers and learning designers who wrote and designed courses to help people learn to code, create algorithms, and become digital marketers. Clients included Google, Facebook, Deloitte and Airbnb.Before Multiverse, I was the first international employee at General Assembly (acquired by The Adecco Group in 2018), in London. I worked on the product team to create the first immersive bootcamp education model.Today, General Assembly is the largest coding bootcamp and has served over 60,000 students in its ten-year history.I spent four years in New York, where I helped to create GA's online education business. One time I swam at every beach in the city and didn't get dysentery.And before that, I worked as a sports journalist at the IB Times / Newsweek, where I once had the top story on the BBC gossip column.I was a co-founder of the UX Writers Collective, co-wrote the Guernsey Beach Guide, and once ran a phenomenally unsuccessful record label.